Seeing is believing

PRSONAS Overview Video

PRSONAS smart virtual presenters use artificial intelligence and computer generated visual technologies to interact with customers and gather valuable user analytics in the physical world.  PRSONAS can deliver marketing messages, provide customer support and conduct commerce anywhere, anytime and in any language.


Project Spotlight


Sorry cowboys and cowgirls, but it’s not a solo world anymore. Even the best networkers, entrepreneurs and innovators can’t make it all alone in the wild and woolly 21st century. Every successful start-up must have a few key BELIEVERS who open the big bronze (heavy) corporate doors.

Top on my list for 2016 is Marty Ramos, head of Microsoft’s Retail Experience Center in Redmond, Washington. Marty is the man (make that genius) who saw the potential of PRSONAS’ interactive, mixed reality holograms and invited us to install a unit at the “REC”, a 20,000-square-foot replica shopping mall full of the latest in cutting edge retail technology.

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Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

The PRSONAS Virtual Receptionist greets visitors, presents a searchable staff directory and notifies an employee of a visitor via mobile text message.

Product Specialist

Product Specialist

A hologram Product Specialist from PRSONAS delivers self-service applications, show demo videos, texts customers information and coupons and collects analytics.

Virtual Concierge

Virtual Concierge

A Virtual Concierge hologram from PRSONAS delivers self-service applications, provides way finding directions, checks visitors in and displays videos.