Just in Time, PRSONAS Closes $1M round to secure steve case as an investor

WRAL TechWire, September 2017

You've likely heard of just-in-time manufacturing. How about just-in-time VC funding? David Rose, CEO of fast-growing startup PRSONAS which has topped $1M in sales for its hologram technology, can add a new term to venture capital: "Just in time". Read Full Article>

Down to the wire: How a durham startup scored funds from aol co-founder steve case

Triangle Business Journal, September 2017

It's official: AOL co-founder Steve Case is investing in yet another Triangle startup. This time, It's PRSONAS, which creates digital, artificially intelligent holograms at it's Durham headquarters. Read Full Article>

A summer of opportunity and $1M Round featuring steve case moves PRSONAS into AR


Back in January, PRSONAS CEO David Rose told us his plan for 2017 was to focus on product development and fundraising. And he's so far living up to that commitment. In late May, the Durham startup garnered national exposure when Rose pitched at the exclusive Silicon Valley Open Doors conference and won. Read Full Article>

PRSONAS holograms take top prize at Silicon valley showcase

WRAL TechWire, June 2017

In the emerging worlds of virtual reality and augmented reality, a Triangle startup is emerging as a force with potential global impact. So say some of the brightest in Silicon Valley. Read Full Article>

Durham sends the 1st hologram to Pitch at Google Demo Day


In the lineup for Google for Entrepreneurs' fourth annual North American pitch event, coming June 8 to its Mountain View headquarters, is an American Underground startup named PRSONAS and its life-sized interactive hologram named Brie. Read Full Article>

American underground's PRSONAS goes for Google Demo Day Cash

WRAL TechWire, May 2017

PRSONAS, the Durham based statup developing "interactive holograms that help attract, automate and analyze customer engagements" will be representing the American Underground at Google Demo Day. Read Full Article>

Durham Hologram company picked for Google Demo Day

Triangle Business Journal, May 2017

Durham's PRSONAS has been picked as one of 13 startups to present at this year's Google Demo Day. It's particularly a high-pressure feat, as Triangle firms have a history of dominating the competition. Read Full Article>

PRSONAS Adds a futurist spin to product demos with life-sized holograms

ExitEvent, January 2017

As it rises through the ranks in a young virtual hologram market, this Durham startup's three year journey is all about proving a concept. The company believes 2017 is the year to prove there's a big and growing market for holograms. Read Full Article>

Global Partnership Could Boost Sales at Durham STartup

Triangle Business Journal, January 2017

A partnership with a global business technology firm could mean a major boost for a Durham Startup. The downtown Durham firm finalized a sales and support partnership with Ricoh USA. Read Full Article>

Durham Hologram Startup Adds Sign Language Capability

WRAL TechWire, August 2016

Inspired by a suggestion from a Microsoft executive focused on accessibility issues, a Durham startup is adding a new dimension to hologram technology. Sign language. Read Full Article>

Army signs up Durham Durham Startup’s Holograms for Recruiting Program

WRAL TechWire, August 2016

PRSONAS, the Durham startup focusing on self-service holograms, is helping the U.S. Army recruit new soldiers with four recently launched holograms as party of a program called “The Army Experience”. Read Full Article>

Durham Company Creates Holograms to Help Army Recruitment

Triangle Business Journal, August 2016

PRSONAS, a hologram company out of Durham, is working with the U.S. Army to help it share people’s experiences in the military. Read Full Article>

PRSONAS raises $525K after selling Microsoft, Toyota, HP on artificial intelligence-powered, life size holograms

ExitEvent, May 2016

PRSONAS, a self-service hologram company out of Durham, just landed $525,000 from investors after winning Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Procter & Gamble as customers. Read Full Article>

Charlotte Angel Fund Invests in Sixth Carolina Company

Charlotte Business Journal, May 2016

The Charlotte Angel Fund recently announced its sixth investment in a North Carolina-based company. The group invested $94,000 in PRSONAS, a startup developing artificially intelligent digital mannequins. Read Full Article>

Where mannequins with artificial intelligence are loved and funded

Triangle Business Journal, May 2016

PRSONAS, a Durham startup developing artificially intelligent digital mannequins, has just secured $525,000 in new debt financing, primarily from North Carolina angel investment groups. Read Full Article>

Modern Shopping In The Microsoft Retail Experience Center at CES 2016

Event Marketer, January 2016

PRSONAS got a nice mention and photo in this article from Event Marketer on the Microsoft Retail Experience Center at CES 2016. Read Full Article>

Smaller and Full of Holograms: The Storefront of Tomorrow

FastCompany, February 20, 2015

As no less a source than Back to the Future predicted, 2015 may be the year a hologram grabs your dollars back from Amazon. Read Full Article>

We asked: What Triangle startups should we be watching in 2015?

Triangle Business Journal, January 1, 2015

RTP, N.C. – What three Triangle startups should we be watching in 2015? It’s a question I asked the movers and shakers of the entrepreneurship community – and one they were excited to answer. Read Full Article>

WTW exclusive video: Meet the company bringing holodecks to business in our time

WTW exclusive video: Meet Charity, the virtual presenter

WRAL TechWire, December 30 & 31, 2015 – NOTE: Full article details are behind paywall.

Durham N.C. – Durham-based PRSONAS has developed interactive CGI technology that enables companies to display an interactive virtual presenter – one that can interact in multiple languages – and also capture data for analytics use. Read Full Article>

Today, meet Charity, the virtual presenter that is turning heads at a growing number of events on behalf of PRSONAS customers. Read Full Article>

Customer service holograms developed to grow businesses

WNCN, November 18, 2014

Durham, N.C. –“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Those were the iconic words uttered nearly four decades ago by Princess Leia in hologram form to Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.” Now a Durham company is making holograms a practical reality. Read Full Article >


UNC Business Magazine, Fall 2014

Chapel Hill, N.C. – Fall 2014 — UNC Business magazine features PRSONAS CEO David Rose in video interview for its cover story, “Let’s Get Personal — Big data helps companies connect to customers more strategically.” Read Full Article >

SISO Names PRSONAS a 2014 Event Innovation Battlefield Finalist

Society of Independent Show Organizers, June 27, 2014

Santa Monica – June 27, 2014 — SISO, the largest association of the For-Profit Trade Show organizer, announced today that, and have been nominated to present at its second annual “Event Innovation Battlefield.” Read Full Article >

Angeline – Durham’s Interactive Animated Mannequin – Takes on the Queen City

Triangle Business Journal, May 5, 2014

Durham’s robot mannequin has another fan – the city of Charlotte. Prsonas, which developed the interactive technology, snagged the top spot at the Charlotte Venture Challenge last week in the IT and Informatics category. The company won $12,500, but founders say exposure to major international companies was far more valuable. Read Full Article >

Winning proposals: Charlotte Venture Challenge competition

The Charlotte Observer, May 4, 2014

Some of the Southeast’s most promising startups competed Thursday at the Charlotte Venture Challenge, as they pitched their ideas and products to a crowd of angel investors, venture capitalists and representatives from Fortune 500 companies. PRSONAS, which won $12,500 in the competition, created computer-generated virtual presenters. Read Full Article >

PRSONAS Wins at the Charlotte Venture Challenge!

Charlotte Venture Challenge, May 2, 2014

Over 250 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovation leaders, university faculty and students gathered on May 1, 2014 at UNC Charlotte’s new PORTAL Building to hear pitches by 36 early stage ventures selected from over 100 entrants in the 13th annual Charlotte Venture Challenge. The finalists included companies from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia… Read Full Article >

PRSONAS Selected as a Finalist for the Charlotte Venture Challenge

Charlotte Venture Challenge, April 7, 2014

We are excited to announce the 2014 Charlotte Venture Challenge finalists selected from more than 100 startup competitors located throughout the Southeastern United States. The competitors will compete in the finals event on Thursday, May 1 at PORTAL. The finals will include startup pitches, keynote, panel discussions, receptions and awards ceremony. Read Full Article >

Durham Startup’s Animated Mannequin Technology Could See Broader Applications

Triangle Business Journal, March 5, 2014

Meet Angeline. She’s a polite, Caucasian female in her early twenties, with hazel eyes and a knowing smile. And she’s a complete work of fiction. Angeline is a virtual presenter, an animation on a digital silhouette, motion activated so that she’ll chat you up at the exact moment you pass by. But everything, from her smirk to her darting eyes, is completely programmed. Read Full Article >

A Virtual Presenter That Plays by the Numbers

Trade Show News Network, March 2, 2014

Like any good exhibitor, RetailNext wanted to capture the attention of retailers at National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show in New York. Like any good exhibitor, they wanted to do something that would be relevant to their business, their booth visitors and they wanted it to drive conversations. Read Full Article >

Better Than a Booth Babe? A Virtual Presenter for Trade Show Booths

BizBash, February 6, 2014

RetailNext, a company that helps retailers and shopping centers collect and analyze consumer data, was looking for a way to stand out on the crowded floor at Retail’s Big Show, hosted by the National Retail Federation in mid-January at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The company decided to try a new tactic to entice attendees to stop at its booth: a life-size, lifelike virtual presenter from Prsonas. Read Full Article >

Coming Soon to a Retail Store or Trade Show near You–Lifelike, Computer Generated Virtual Presenters from PRSONAS

Business Wire, December 11, 2013

They can sense your approach, speak your language, answer your questions, even take your credit card.  And they can learn a new language or script just as fast as you can hit “SEND”.  PRSONAS, the leader in smart virtual presenters, announced today the launch of their line of photorealistic computer generated virtual presenters.  These innovative units will allow companies to quickly and easily interact with their customers in the physical world much as they now do online.  Read Full Article >

Star Trek gets real: Durham startup delivers interactive holograms

WRAL TechWire, December 10, 2013

Visitor after visitor at two recent technology events stopped in their tracks as they encountered PRSONAS – a striking, interactive hologram who welcomed them.  These have the potential to provide a big impact at trade shows and other events where companies want to sell their products, share their company history, generate sales leads – and capture plenty of data about each visitor far beyond the data that could be captured from a business card.  Read Full Article >

How Mountain Biking Explains the Painful Exhileration of Launching a Startup

Fast Company, November 1, 2013

PRSONAS, Inc.’s CEO David Rose guest blog for FastCompany: So you’re teetering on the edge of starting your own business and you’re looking for advice. Here is mine: Go get yourself a mountain bike.  Sounds weird, I know, but after risking life and limb, pouring heart and soul into both activities, I’ve found there’s not that much difference between the two.  Read Full Article >

WLOS Interview With The PRSONAS Smart Virtual Presenter

WLOS, August 30, 2013

Victoria Dunkle and Francie Black from WLOS Channel 13 interview a virtual presenter hologram and PRSONAS CEO David Rose live on-air. The interview covers smart virtual presenters, hologram technology, and analytics capture plus current and future virtual presenter hologram uses and installations.  Watch The Video >

Downtown start-up PRSONAS looks to promote presenter product

The Herald Sun, July 22, 2013

At the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, a talking dinosaur is ready to greet visitors and take donations. Want to make a donation right away? The dinosaur can take your information.  The museum’s greeter is a visual presenter – a standup that plays a video sound recording, displays a projected image and takes payments – set up on a trial basis at the museum by the Durham-based start-up PRSONAS.  Read Full Article >