Hi, I'm Sofia!

(Support OFfice Intelligent Assistant)

 Automated IT Support with a Personality! 


Imagine the ability to support help desk and location-based IT services as quickly and efficiently as online automated support? Now imagine that solution as an engaging brand ambassador who speaks almost any language, including sign language! Seem impossible? Not with Sofia, the engineer of the nuTeam line of artificial intelligence-driven avatars.



Our lifesize avatars improve customer engagement without losing that human touch!

Automated Tier 1 Support

Dramatically decrease the cost of Tier 1 support handling.


Speaks and understands dozens of languages

How I Can Help!

Here are just some of my talents. Let's chat and I'll provide you a full list of how I can help  improve   your customer experience.

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Support FAQs Multi-Lingual Active Directory Integration
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Artificial Intelligence Detailed Reporting Machine Learning


Is your IT overwhelmed with password resets and account unlocks!? Add me to your team and I'll take care of the easy stuff leaving your highly trained staff available for high value support needs! Just fill out the information to the right and let's setup an interview!


If you are looking to improve help and support at any live support office, university, corporate help desk or other location-based support services, I can help take the load off and save everyone time and money!

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