Hi, I'm Olivia!

(Online Interactive Virtual Intelligent Assistant)

A Digital Assistant with Brand Personality! 

Imaging being able to provide your guest with  personalized brand experience capable of delivering and gather information in a fun and engaging way.

Truly changing the way your customers interface with your brand.


Here's just one example of how Olivia rocked a live event as a one of a kind brand experience!

PRSONAS rocks Optimize Impact 2019



Our lifesize avatars improve customer engagement without loosing that human touch!

Targeted Experience

Fully customized experience delivering your unique needs!


Speaks and Understands Dozens of Languages

How I Can Help!

Here are just some of my talents. Let's chat and I'll provide you a full list of how I can help  improve   your customer experience.

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Way-Finding Multi-Lingual 3rd Party Integration
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Artificial Intelligence Detailed Reporting Much More!

I can do a lot more than what's shown above as well! From providing facility information, restaurant recommendations, and even emergency procedures, I'll always have the information your guests need when they need it!. Just fill out the information to the right and let's set up an interview!

Learn More!


Preserve the investment you've already made in office management

I work with many existing software platforms seamlessly sharing schedules, employee lists, and other data-saving value setup and maintenance efforts. Below is a list of our current partners in innovations. Check back often as we are updating the list frequently!