Humanizing the Visitor Management Experience


Hi, I'm Ivana!

(Intelligent Visitation And Notification Assistant)


I'm Always Here to Help by:


 Greeting Visitors with Real Personality

Why settle for tiny impersonal iPads and tablets?


 Quickly Checking-In Guest

Gather visitor details and optional NDA or compliance questions


Notifying their Host Immediately

Alert employees quickly using SMS or e-mail


 Remaining Fun and Informative

I will occupy your guest and answer questions while they wait!


CUSTOMER USE CASE: See How Digi International personalized their lobby and named me "Angi"



Greet your visitors with innovation and efficiency all while maintaining that human touch!

Notify Employees

Minimize processing times for your visitors and notify your employees when they arrive!


Track visitors, provide a full audit log and provide a visual deterrent to unwelcomed guests.

How I Can Help!

Here's a list of many of the tasks I can perform. I have perfect memory and always stay professional and on message!

 calendar-check-solid-1  sms-solid  portrait-solid
Visitor Check-In / Check-Out Employee Notification Visitor Photos
 id-badge-solid  chart-bar-solid plus-square-solid 
Print Badges Detailed Reporting Much More!


My skills go well beyond the list above as well! From Outlook and 3rd party integrations to customized appearances, I can adjust to your brand and work environment as needed. Just fill out the information to the right and let's set up an interview!

If you are looking to improve help and support at any live support office, university, corporate help desk or other location-based support services, I can help take the load off and save everyone time and money!

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