Wrangler Uses Hologram for a Big Rodeo Win and 32% Conversion Rate

I'll admit, I'm what you'd call a city slicker. Don't own a pair of boots. But I do know how to lasso a busy lobby full of real-life cowboys and girls, corral them around a national Brand and convert them at an impressive 32%.

So what's the secret of my success in the West? Rodeo champion Trevor Brazile in the form of a PRSONAS interactive self-service hologram.


The sponsor? Wranger Jeans. They're the original cowboy jeans by the way.

The event? The 2014 National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, NV. PRSONAS teamed up with Wrangler's agency French West Vaughan to design an end user experience that would deliver value for both consumers and the brand.

The goals for our custom-created, self-service Trevor Hologram?

  • Grab attention in the lobby of the MGM Grand which is a tall order considering all the Vegas glitz, glam, and noise.
  • Create awareness of the Wranger Network, an ESPN-type collection of rodeo channels, and encourage downloads of the mobile app.
  • Capture email addresses with a sweepstakes offer.

So while the original Trevor was roping doggies, riding around barrels, winning championships and other cowboy things, the interactive hologram Trevor was collecting leads, displaying videos, offering apps and prizes--things the real Trevor probably would NOT enjoying doing all day (and night) long.

But the PRSONAS Trevor rocks at these activities and capitalizes on the growing self-service trend.

During his week in the lobby of the MGM, Trevor, the self-service hologram, logged more than 1,500 interactions.  And a number worth repeating is 32% conversion rate from call to action to email capture. That's pretty incredible for any lead-generating activity.

Yes, the client was happy.   So happy in fact that Wrangler booked hologram Trevor for the next rodeo on their tour, The National Western Stock Show in Denver.

The result? More leads, more downloads, another big success.

Good thing our holograms travel light and fast.