Virtual Receptionist Hologram Wins For High Tech Client


Delivery people love her. Before she arrived, they had to yell down the hall and coax someone away from their work to sign for a package.

No more.

Now, a PRSONAS virtual receptionist welcomes them. Delivery man/woman hits the "Delivery" option on receptionist's touch screen pad.

Signed. Sealed. Done and back in the truck in record time..

The folks working down that hall love her, too. NuMedia Innovations is a company full of software developers.   They are busy, intense and technologically savvy. They don't like interruptions. They frown on yelling.

They DO like having a high-tech virtual receptionist hologram greet visitors and notify by text. They like what it says about their company and how they spend their days.

Some day, every business may have a PRSONAS virtual receptionist hologram, but until then, our super-smart, self-service holograms are remarkable in the purest sense of the word.   People talk about them--

Here are 6 things a virtual receptionist can do for your business:

1) Take deliveries

2) Greet visitors

3) Notify employees when they have a guest

4) Offer company info, from directories and bios to job applications

5) Keep workers secure until called for--away from prying eyes

6) Create an impression that your company is cutting edge, attuned to details and super- efficient.

Did I mention the boss at NuMedia loves her, too. His workers aren't interrupted mid-project, his deliveries are being logged-- queries are being answered. And the PRSONAS virtual receptionist hologram speaks volumes about where his company is headed.

So thumbs up on our latest installation.   The new receptionist at NuMedia is a big hit with the public, employees and CEO.

That's another win, win, win for PRSONAS. What can we do for you?