Virtual Receptionist Hologram from PRSONAS Welcomes Visitors to Spevco

Walk into the SPEVCO corporate office and you won’t find anyone sitting at a desk.

Why would they? Back in the shop, real-life versions of the TRANSFORMERS are coming together in the form of traffic stopping, pop out, mobile marketing units.

This amazing company designs and builds custom experiential marketing tours that are transported from venue to venue. Like PRSONAS holograms, their product has a lot of stopping power and WOW.


So the two companies just had to come together, didn’t they?

It finally happened earlier this year when PRSONAS installed a new virtual receptionist hologram for SPEVCO.  Now, just walking into the lobby is an experience most visitors will NOT forget.

  • Advanced computer graphics make the new virtual receptionist remarkably life-like
  • Motion sensors alert her to every approach, so she can react and engage

And like SPEVCO's unique walk-through marketing units, their new virtual receptionist excels at engagement.

  • She invites visitors to self service via a quick and easy touch screen pad
  • She helps with verbal cues as visitors apply for a job, make a delivery, or contact a SPEVCO employee

Remember, company engineers, graphic artists, and fabricators are all back in the shop creating their own versions of TRANSFORMERS. Their work is loud and absorbing so the PRSONAS virtual receptionist hologram texts their cell phones when a guest arrives.

And SPEVCO can update all their employee data through a cloud based portal. New employees and mobile phone number updates are an easy input.

Efficient? Yes, but it also makes a statement. You see, both PRSONAS and SPEVCO design their products around THE end-user experience. It must be seamless and pleasant, not faulty or frustrating.

And the new virtual receptionist does her job well, very well.


She’s also unique, highly interactive, and memorable. SPEVCO's first impression is a lasting impression, and that says a lot about both companies.

Thanks SPEVCO for a marriage made in heaven. PRSONAS is happy to be on board.