Virtual Presenters for Engaging Healthcare Executives

Six Degrees Medical Consulting teams with PRSONAS™ on Training Innovation.
Novo Nordisk hologram

Finding new and innovative ways to engage employees and executives is always a challenge. Pharmaceutical industry leader Novo Nordisk recently held a highly successful training session by utilizing interactive virtual presenters from PRSONAS.

Instead of simply providing a lecture on the history of diabetes and the evolution of insulin, Novo Nordisk let the executives in attendance at their event in Copenhagen Denmark hear directly from the scientists that originally created NPH insulin as a treatment for diabetes and ultimately went on to found Novo Nordisk.  Six Degrees Medical Consulting partnered with PRSONAS to create interactive virtual presenters for an experience like the pharmaceutical industry had never seen before.

PRSONAS recreated virtual personalities of Dr. Hans Christian Hagedorn and Dr. August Krogh and let the physicians attending the event experience these industry pioneers discussing their perspectives on the history of diabetes and insulin. The PRSONAS virtual presenters were perfectly synchronized to deliver a two-way conversation and a memorable experience where audience members felt as if they were part of these ground breaking discussions that must have taken place between these two scientists during the 1920’s.

To better understand how realistic the PRSONAS virtual presenters looked at the Novo Nordisk event check out this brief video segment:

Following the event Colin Buchanan from Six Degrees Medical Consulting said “From the audience it looked and sounded like Dr. Hagedorn and Dr. Krogh were actually standing in front of the room and explaining the history of NPH insulin. The executives attending this event were certainly engaged and impressed with the PRSONAS virtual presenters”.

Since the PRSONAS virtual presenters can be easily transported and reprogrammed to deliver the same communications in multiple languages, Novo Nordisk can now use these same units to hold training sessions for executives around the world.

The next time your company is looking to effectively engage an audience consider using virtual presenter recreations of historical figures or company executives to deliver messaging in a new, innovative and memorable way.

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