How Real is too Real? Uncanny Valley, Holograms, Gaming and Motion Picture Tech

Ever wake up and feel obsolete? Technology is leapfrogging so quickly; information is racing the globe so rapidly, it's easy to roll out of bed feeling you've been left behind.

That's why I was so surprised to discover that cutting-edge gaming, motion picture and hologram companies like PRSONAS are actually holding some of their technology back.

Why? Why would anyone NOT tout "Fastest, Biggest, Most," in our super-competitive, gadget-hungry world?

It has to do with a place I never knew existed until I joined the team at PRSONAS. Lace up your hiking boots, boys and girls. We're headed into the Uncanny Valley.

Company co-founder and technical guru, Chuck Rinker describes this creepy place.

What is Uncanny Valley? from PRSONAS on Vimeo.

Developers may not cross the uncanny valley for a while, but there's another technical milestone that PRSONAS is achieving. A self-serve Design Factory, which will allow clients or creative agencies to create and upload their own content to customize their holograms with speed and ease, including scripts and graphics, is slated for rollout soon.  Look for more about this innovative new product enhancement and other product roadmap developments in upcoming posts.


About the Author: K. Melissa Kennedy is a marketing consultant, who enthusiastically helps promote these amazing self-service holograms, among other technology, startups and innovation.