Two Time-Honored Southern Icons, Belk and Dallas Junior League, Embrace Cutting-Edge Technology from PRSONAS


Yes, embrace, as in snuggle up close, take a selfie, and tweet it out to all your friends with the hashtag --  #BelkScene. That's what the attendees did at the Belk/Dallas Junior League Event last month. 

Because you don’t get to be a Southern icon, if you don’t know how to evolve.  After all--It is NOT you’re momma’s South anymore...

And Belk, the go-to department store for generations of Southerners, has evolved to a power—make that into a powerhouse.  Now the largest privately-owned mainline department store in the US, they invited cutting-edge PRSONAS to take center stage at a recent marketing event with the Dallas Junior League.


Not your momma’s Junior League, either — These 21st century women know something about evolution, too.   Dallas Junior Leaguers are extremely proud that their club has come off the society pages into the community with high impact welfare, cultural, and educational projects.  


Enter Katie, the interactive hologram in the selfies, a product of PRSONAS.   A combination of advanced artificial intelligence and cutting-edge computer graphics, she’s also highly evolved.

What Katie does SO VERY brilliantly is engage and interact with consumers—like the people who shop at Belk.   


She gives consumers a web-quality customer experience in the physical world, allowing them to find product infomation and options, register for rewards, coupons, and more.   


And she looks great in a selfie, don’t you think??? 


That’s the wow-factor.  PRSONAS holograms like Katie are remarkably life-life and engaging. They’re novel and fun to interact with, which made the social-media component a highlight of the Belk/Dallas Junior League event.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Just click the video below and share in the fun.


Belk Event Marketing with PRSONAS Holograms from PRSONAS on Vimeo.