The Human Touch: PRSONAS Holograms Give Technology a Welcomed Face

The loud talker in the next cubical; the neighbor who comes over to chat in his ratty old bathrobe; your friend who makes that animal-like snort every time he/she laughs.  Don't give up on them. 

As annoying as our coworkers, neighbors and friends can be at times, we need them in our lives.   Our unique human brains are wired for social interaction.  And the scientists who study these things say we're getting less and less social contact these days.

We have fewer friends than our parents.  We don't go out as much or have people over like they did.   We volunteer less, marry later (or not at all), and have fewer children.   

Yes, we have more things, and MUCH more technology--but fewer social connections.   And that lack of human contact is taking a toll on our happiness.    

Scientists like UCLA professor, Matthew Lieberman say our brains resemble brains on downtime when we're socially engaged.   We relax…something sorely needed these days. 

At PRSONAS, we know that brain wiring very well.  Our company was founded on the premise that technology doesn't have to be faceless - that humans react better to other human faces even if those faces are born in the augmented reality lab. 


Enter Skye, Jennifer, Angie, Adam, Daphne and our other super-smart interactive CGI holograms.  These digital assistants help consumers relax and explore while they're making decisions about goods or services; wayfinding in stressful situations, or checking features and giving feedback on their favorite brands .  To date, we've helped household names like Wrangler, the US Army, the Salvation Army and the Seattle Mariners tell their stories in memorable CGI hologram engagements.   We've helped airports and  hospitals with wayfinding.  Our assistants have sold everything from cars to appliances; long-arm quilting machines to college recruitment.

Another positive of our holograms - they're consistent.  No mistakes, loud talking or weird laughter.   They can be easily programmed and reprogrammed.  And the client controls the wardrobe--no ratty old bathrobes (take that neighbor); not even any bad hair days.

If you'd like to know more about Dr. Lieberman's findings, check out his book, "Social: Why our Brains are Wired to Connect."

 And if you'd like to know more about PRSONAS and what we can do for your brand, contact us.