What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Instead of starting with a story or quick quip about the technology, let’s start with a simple question.

What is a virtual receptionist?

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5 Ways Digital Hosts Are Making Offices More Efficient

1. Digital Receptionist

Forget those often-overlooked front desk check-in screens and say hello to the reception of the future! Always on-time and with a smile, a PRSONAS virtual receptionist is able to greet visitors, present a searchable staff directory, and notify an employee of a visitor via mobile. These digital hosts can be easily updated through an online interface with just a few...

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How to Optimize Your Receptionist

It’s the sound I heard when I walked into my friend’s office the other day. “Hi! How can I help you?”

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How A Virtual Receptionist Takes Care of Business While Building the Brand

Lenox salons are different. You don't walk into a room of roaring blow driers, hair on the floor and people telling their secrets to stylists.   Instead there are suites which offer privacy and peace.  But this setup comes at a price.

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5 High Profile Placements for Interactive Holograms: LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.

 1)  Retail Stores:  Register customers, promote new products  and build your brand in unique and memorable ways -- PRSONAS holograms bring the ease of online shopping into brick and mortar retail.

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Virtual Receptionist Hologram Wins For High Tech Client


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6 Ways to Use Mobile Devices With Interactive Holograms

So I'm sitting in an airport thinking about Mobility. Which, I'll admit is sort of obvious, since almost every man, woman and child in this major American transportation hub is enjoying serious face time with their phone or mobile device.

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Receptionist of the Future -- Self-Service Hologram Receptionist In Action - VIDEO

Watch the receptionist of the future in action  - a self-service hologram receptionist greets visitors.

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Virtual Receptionist Hologram from PRSONAS Welcomes Visitors to Spevco

Walk into the SPEVCO corporate office and you won’t find anyone sitting at a desk.

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