US ARMY Enlists PRSONAS for Recruiting Holograms

The Army is a total life-changer. Developing not just your career but your character, a meet and greet and a take-away brochure could never do the experience justice.

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Everyone likes that new car smell--but I don't know anyone who likes the process we have to go through to acquire it.

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Self-Service Hologram Rocks the HP World Tour: London

You couldn't ask for a more iconic setting.   Across the river are the world-famous Houses of Parliament. The much-photographed Big Ben chimes in the background.

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Wrangler Uses Hologram for a Big Rodeo Win and 32% Conversion Rate

I'll admit, I'm what you'd call a city slicker. Don't own a pair of boots. But I do know how to lasso a busy lobby full of real-life cowboys and girls, corral them around a national Brand and convert them at an impressive 32%.

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Virtual Presenters for Trade Show Events

Virtual presenters are highly effective for trade show events.

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