What Wayfinding Technology Needs Is A Human User Experience

If I need to do a large grocery run or find furniture for the house, you can find me at a big box store. The same benefits that bring me to these stores bring millions of shoppers every year - cheap prices, massive selection, central location, and more.

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Digital Hosts: The future of consumer experience in retail

Recently, I walked into a large outlet store and noticed something immediately.

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The Perfect Product Specialists AKA: Self-Service Hologram

The product-specialist of the future is, well, perfect. Perfect recall of a vast array of product information. Perfectly able to communicate with any customer regardless of what language they speak. Able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Perfect memory of your sales pitch and even able to communicate via sign language.

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81 Retail Uses for an Interactive, Self Service Hologram

1. Try A/B tests on offers by store, by day-part, and more

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