Crossing the Uncanny Valley...or not!

For those of you that have been following us for a while, you have no doubt seen several of us mention something called “The Uncanny Valley”. We recently received an email from a client that asked the basic question “What is the Uncanny Valley” and why is it important to you? So, let’s dig in and discuss what the term means and why it has been such a challenge in the world of digital...

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Hold on to your tablets and iPhones.  I'm taking you back to the days when computers were huge, expensive and never-ever talked to regular people like you and me. 

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The Human Touch: PRSONAS Holograms Give Technology a Welcomed Face

The loud talker in the next cubical; the neighbor who comes over to chat in his ratty old bathrobe; your friend who makes that animal-like snort every time he/she laughs.  Don't give up on them. 

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Executive Briefing Center Holograms - Ricoh Takes the Lead

Even the shipping guys could tell this was something BIG--5 extra long, coffin-sized cases bound for executive briefing centers in major cities across the US left our production facility last week.

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Holograms and the 1:1 Human User Experience - Video

Our friends at FirstMark Capital invited me to present at their January HardWired NYC event. Check out the video below of my presentation where I discuss the latest with PRSONAS including sign language delivery and AR / VR distribution plus demo our product.

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