What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Instead of starting with a story or quick quip about the technology, let’s start with a simple question.

What is a virtual receptionist?

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On the Roadmap with PRSONAS

Hi all, and welcome to “On the Roadmap” with PRSONAS. As many of you know, PRSONAS production and development has joined forces with nuMedia Innovations, and we have been hard at work since the change. We have been developing a lot of cool new features for the PRSONAS line and this series is going to talk about the product roadmap and where we are in the development process.

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Digital Hosts: The future of consumer experience in retail

Recently, I walked into a large outlet store and noticed something immediately.

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Executive Briefing Center Holograms - Ricoh Takes the Lead

Even the shipping guys could tell this was something BIG--5 extra long, coffin-sized cases bound for executive briefing centers in major cities across the US left our production facility last week.

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