Top 4 Tool Requirements to Deliver Effective Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Experiences

I can only assume if you’re reading this, you are familiar with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed-Reality, as well as the hype around the possibilities and burgeoning markets they are now driving. With so many new tools at our disposal and so many different formats and platforms on which content and programs are developed, it is difficult, if not outright hazardous, to...

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5 Best Practices Designing Effective Augmented Reality Experiences (plus a bonus)

Ever been to the Sistine Chapel? 

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5 Easy Steps to Experience our Holograms from Your Phone with this Augmented Reality Demo (VIDEO)

Curious about our self-service holograms? Want to see how our holograms engage from the palm of your hand? 

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Holograms and the 1:1 Human User Experience - Video

Our friends at FirstMark Capital invited me to present at their January HardWired NYC event. Check out the video below of my presentation where I discuss the latest with PRSONAS including sign language delivery and AR / VR distribution plus demo our product.

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