What Are Holograms, Technically Speaking?

When people first encounter a PRSONAS unit most people are struck by the “Wow Factor” of the system’s look and then impressed by the interactivity and artificial intelligence of the character, However, a few tech savvy people have quickly responded with, “Hey, that’s not a hologram” and they are absolutely correct in a technical sense. So we have to ask, what are holograms, technically...

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Self-Service Hologram Rocks the HP World Tour: London

You couldn't ask for a more iconic setting.   Across the river are the world-famous Houses of Parliament. The much-photographed Big Ben chimes in the background.

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PRSONAS Holograms offer SELF SERVICE with a Smile -- which is On Target According to Harvard Study.

Part ATM, part girl-next-door, PRSONAS hologram Angi, combines the best of both worlds.

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PRSONAS Hologram Soars with SmartSky Product Launch at the 2014 National Business Aviation Convention

We named her Skye Newton.

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UNC Business Magazine features PRSONAS Hologram Aligned with "Big Data"

It seems like you can't escape a business article or conversation these days without the buzz of "Big Data" looming. Well, we are excited our technology made it in the Big Data conversation.  I am passionate about how our PRSONAS technology helps offer this prized web-quality data for the physical world -- NO easy feat.

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