Self-Service Hologram Rocks the HP World Tour: London

You couldn't ask for a more iconic setting.   Across the river are the world-famous Houses of Parliament. The much-photographed Big Ben chimes in the background.

But when the HP World Tour came to London earlier this month, the biggest photo op wasn't the scenery. It was INSIDE one of the upscale hotels at Westminster Bridge.

"People were taking selfies and video. They were tweeting her like mad," said Jeremy Spratt, Head of Global Business Development for PRSONAS.

"Every time I looked up, there was a mass of excited people around us," added PRSONAS consultant Stephanie Allen.

Was it a royal sighting? An unscheduled appearance by Baby Charlotte or her great-grandmother, the Queen??

No, I'm happy to say the rockstar treatment was for our baby, Christine, a PRSONAS self-service hologram invited to the World Tour by host and technology powerhouse, HP.

Good move on their part since the girl created a BUZZ!

"We got comments from-- What is it? to WOW! that's the best hologram technology I've ever seen," Jeremy and Stephanie reported.

But beyond the unit's life-like appearance and amazing stopping power, Christine impressed with her enviable brain. She engaged tour attendees in 2 languages. She played a short video. Moreover, she sparked ideas--BIG IDEAS for the 850 International guests.

Christine may have been eye-catching, but she was all business, too.

"How can I use this technology in my world?, was the phrase Jeremy and Stephanie were hearing from every direction. The interest in PRSONAS cut across all sectors--from healthcare and banking to airlines and consumer brands.

Nice to know that movers and shakers in Europe are thinking the way we are at PRSONAS. As the self-service trend continues to grow, powerful brands are searching for new and better ways to connect with and keep customers who want to self-direct and self-select.

Christine, and PRSONAS units like her, offer solutions for that growing demand.

Our holograms stop traffic in a way that no kiosk can. They engage, interact, deliver information and track interactions--all while doing something unique; creating an impression and beyond--PRSONAS creates a personality for our clients.

That's the philosophy behind our company and our company name. PRSONAS is technology with a human touch. And based on our recent reception in London, that's a hot commodity right now.