ConnectIng Humans and Technology for Seamless Multi-channel Brand Experiences - PRSONAS software expands across platforms

Humans need each other. That's why we have spouses, BFFs , cycle groups, golf/tennis/yoga groups, block parties, poker and wine nights; co-working spaces and free Wi-Fi at Starbucks.

We need to see other faces.

And that's why PRSONAS just expanded into face to face software solutions across multiple platforms.

Yes, our company started out to conquer physical spaces with our supper-smart interactive holograms. Web-like engagements and analytics in untapped places like hospitals, airports, retailers and executive briefing centers set our product apart.

And we still accomplish that goal better than anyone. Just this year, a big win at Silicon Valley Open Door and an appearance at Google Demo Day signaled PRSONAS technology had gained major acceptance for enhancing customer interactions with Brands.

But technology never stands still.

Which is why the next big thing from PRSONAS, The PRSONAS Real Time Engine, is rolling out this month.




This new software will set our smart Computer Generated Images (CGIs) free. No longer confined to physical spaces, PRSONAS personalities can conquer phones, tablets, roam the web, interact in digital displays regardless the reality.

Virtual Reality? No problem.

Augmented Reality? Check and double check.

The new PRSONAS interactive CGIs can move between worlds as freely as characters in the original Star Trek series.

Why? For one good old fashioned reason--

People need people. We like to build history and relationships. We remember and react to conversation threads long after key strokes fade away. We have a natural affinity and trust for our own kind.

Hard to manage in this era of technology...but the future is now.

How can the PRSONAS Real Time Engine help you better connect with your customers?