PRSONAS Hologram Soars with SmartSky Product Launch at the 2014 National Business Aviation Convention

We named her Skye Newton.

Skye for the client, SmartSky Networks, creator of the nation’s first 4-G network for aviation.  And Newton, for the father of modern science himself—Sir Isaac.

Wonder what he’d think of PRSONAS holograms like Skye?

I’m sure the mathematician in Sir Isaac would love her advanced artificial intelligence, all those numbers calculating seamlessly as Skye engaged people at the National Business Aviation Association trade show earlier this month.

I’m sure the physicist in Sir Isaac would be wowed by the conference itself.  Just imagine the great man seeing his enduring principals of gravity and motion realized in gleaming metal shapes that can take to the air and FLY.

Aviation is pretty sexy, isn’t it?

Which is why SmartSky turned to PRSONAS for a proven way to make their product launch of the new 4G network for aviation stand out amid all the WOW at NBAA 2014, which is the world's largest and most important business aviation event.

And that is how Skye Newton was born.

Holograms are lightening rods.  People notice and remember them.

And when people can engage with holograms?  Well, that’s a memorable encounter; a great way to give your company name marquee treatment, and make a big splash with your brand or product.


At NBAA, Skye “saw” people approaching via motion sensors.  She engaged them with a short welcome and offered more:  a SmartSky video and options go deeper into the SmartSky’s info stream.

Our holograms excel at self selection, creating positive end-user experiences, and generating lots of useful data (from event badge swipes) for clients like SmartSky to ingest.

Yes, we’ve come a long way, Sir Isaac.