On the Roadmap with PRSONAS

Hi all, and welcome to “On the Roadmap” with PRSONAS. As many of you know, PRSONAS production and development has joined forces with nuMedia Innovations, and we have been hard at work since the change. We have been developing a lot of cool new features for the PRSONAS line and this series is going to talk about the product roadmap and where we are in the development process.

We are about to release the first public version of our exciting new Real-Time Engine! Gone are the days of pre-rendered characters and choppy video. The new engine displays the character in real-time and to be honest, the characters look even better with the new output. All new PRSONAS units come standard with the Real-Time Engine, and if you already have a PRSONAS and want the real-time engine, we can help you with that too!

So, what does this mean for the user base? Well, it now covers one of our most requested features, the ability to change clothing, hair and even backgrounds on the touchscreen versions, all on the fly!!! Pretty exciting stuff!

We will go over some of the other features of the real-time engine in future installments, and there is a big announcement coming regarding the development of our Personality Framework!!!! Stay Tuned!!!