Multilingual Wayfinding Holograms for the Healthcare Industry

Congress may be stalled on healthcare, but PRSONAS has a few solutions.

Let's say you're a leading American hospital. World-class care is your stock and trade and your international reputation brings you patients from all over the world.


Not just Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic and all the rest. Your great hospital attracts so many oil-rich sheiks and their families that Farsi is the number two language spoken in your hallowed hallls. (A true story.)

But don't worry. We've got that. Farsi is no problem for a PRSONAS character. Our super-smart, interactive holograms can be programmed with ANY LANGUAGE. Visitors can self-select, check-in, get info, updates, find and print their next appointment, find their way to the cafeteria or the rest room in their native tongue.


Because as a major American hospital, you've got another problem--productivity. And way finding is slowing you down.

Put yourself in my shoes. I'm no dummy but every time I visit my (excellent) local teaching hospital, I ask directions at least 3 or 4 times. That's because it's not just one hospital, but 5 specialized hospitals (and a medical school) built over 5 generations.

Yes, there are information desks staffed by lovely, helpful people. And yes, there are signs everywhere, but there are also countless corridors, twists and turns, bed towers, basements and sub-basements, clinics, elevators and escalators.

Add to that confusion my mild case of white-coat fever (aka anxiety), and I end up stopping anyone who looks like they work there.

Now, let's factor in a language difficulty--let's say I speak only a tiny bit of English. And multiply my question by 100--because I'm not the only visitor that day. Suddenly, way finding becomes an enormous time drain on your staff.

But we've got that , too.

PRSONAS interactive holograms are great way finding tools. And again, limited English would NEVER be a problem since our characters can interact in any language required.

Need directions? Strategically placed PRSONAS units can converse, text, map, show videos and sign for the Deaf Community. And yes, we can do it in any language.

Which brings up the next question--what can our super-smart, multilingual holograms do for you?