Interactive Holograms Maximize Your Trade Show Efforts!

Hundreds of thousands of attendees. Thousands of booths. Three days. Welcome to the trade show!

In a perfect world, trade shows can produce an incredibly high ROI as your team is able to drive new business, connect with current customers, and learn industry news in a few days.

In a not so perfect world, trade shows are incredibly hectic and a waste of money. Attendees pass your booth without so much as a second thought. Your sales team is drowned out by a million distractions. All of the money you invested is waisted as your competition is able to demonstrate their products more efficiently and sign dozens of clients.

The difference between these two scenarios is simple, whether or not you are able to attract interested individuals to your booth and communicate with them in an effective manner.

Now for the million-dollar question. How can you attract interested individuals to your trade show booth and communicate with them in an effective manner? 

Interactive Self-Service Holograms

Let’s break our goal into two steps. First, how to attract interested individuals to your booth. Second, how to communicate with them effectively about your products or services.

PRSONAS self-service interactive holograms are able to create a 1:1 human user experience in a sea of competition. CGI animation provides expressions, gestures, and emotions to create a memorable experience in a crowded room to appeal to any attendee and draw them into your booth.

By going beyond the limitations of traditional salespeople, a PRSONAS self-service interactive hologram is able to effectively communicate and deliver information to any attendee. Our holograms never deviate from their sales script, can deliver self-service applications, show demo videos, send customers information and coupons, and collect valuable analytics.

Plus, our holograms don’t just speak one language. They can be programmed to speak any language from French to Farsi and even American Sign Language for the deaf community.

Able to attract attendees to your booth? Check! Able to communicate effectively about your product and with anyone who is interested? Check! PRSONAS self-service holograms are the perfect system to create an unbelievable experience for your next trade show!