Holograms & The Human Experience

Gone are the newsboys, telephone operators and those 3 martini lunches the bosses on Mad Men enjoy so much. Today's managers are more likely to experience lunch breaks tapping out emails on their smartphones than socializing in restaurants.

And where's the break in that?

As tech has become ubiquitous in our society, PRSONAS holograms help remedy a 21st century predicament- technology detaches us from the human experience. We provide the niceties, smile, eye contact, and conversation that usually get left behind when things are automated. To borrow from another TV icon, Star Trek, we crave a connection with our own species.  As half-human, half-Vulcan Mr. Spock would say, "We want to FEEL....(tortured gasp)."

Which is why PRSONAS is so timely. Our company specializes in creating human moments using smart, self-service holograms in real-world settings.

And that means a lot more than sticking a face on a computer.

PRSONAS holograms enhance the human experience of your trade show or event by representing your brand in a dynamic and engaging manner, which makes networking that much easier. The way they listen and respond to questions for your company is much more like a bonafide customer service ambassador than a computer interface. Our holograms communicate in many languages from English to Mandarin and even American Sign Language.

For example, let's take the real-world networking cocktail hour: You mingle, meet and greet. You listen. Your conversation is something of an expedition as you hunt for an emotional connection with other guests before moving into the real reason you came- your pitch.

Well, that's what we do. There's a nuance of engagement, myriad of facial expressions, hand movements, words, phrases and responses that are designed to make the PRSONAS experience remarkable, memorable, unique.

But why am I pitching you when one of our holograms can do it better? Just take a look at the video below.