How A Virtual Receptionist Takes Care of Business While Building the Brand

Lenox salons are different. You don't walk into a room of roaring blow driers, hair on the floor and people telling their secrets to stylists.   Instead there are suites which offer privacy and peace.  But this setup comes at a price.

Someone has to greet you, announce your arrival, make walk-in appointments.  Multiply that "someone" by three locations and  you're talking about a lot of overhead just to get clients into stylists' chairs.

The solution?  A PRSONAS virtual receptionist.  Walk into the door at a Lenox Salon and Henna greets you warmly.    


An attractive CGI character, she appears on a large LCD screen on the lobby wall.  Customers touch the screen to select from simple options:  Alert your stylist you've arrived via text, or search for a walk-in or future appointment.

From greeting to goodbye, the entire process  is quick, sleek and hip.  Here, take a look for yourself. 



Now, isn't that better than a clunky old house phone?  Now isn't that more efficient than finding and adding people to payroll? 

And Henna never takes a sick day. 

The Lenox project is the first LCD install of a PRSONAS character-- but to us it represents a major jumping off point as we move the company into new territory.  

Four years ago, we set out to conquer physical space with engaging, interactive holograms.   Today, those characters are moving onto walls, phones, tablets, the web and digital displays.  

To put it simply:  Anywhere people go, our units can go--interacting with customers, collecting data, building brands. 

PRSONAS -- not just a hologram company anymore. We're humanizing technology with digital personalities for any device, anywhere.

Now, what can we do for you?