7 Great Ways to Use Holograms for Event Marketing

In honor of the 7th month (which reminds us that the year is closing fast and 2017 will be here sooner than we think), here are 7 great ways to use holograms for event marketing. PRSONAS holograms can engagement and be a HUGE HIT at your next event:

  1. Take Your CEO Along

Earlier this year, we recreated Jed Carlson, the hip, causally-clad CEO of local technology firm, ADWERX, which serves the Real Estate sector. Digital Jed (as the personalized self-service hologram unit was named) is the darling of conventions and trade shows. He attracts tons of attention while showcasing his company and services. Tracking new leads is no problem as they are recorded in real-time. And unlike the real Jed, Digital Jed folds neatly in the back of a car.

What better way to sell unique technology at marketing events than with the unique technology of PRSONAS? Take a look here. 

  1. Take A Celebrity Along (No Posse or Perks Required)

Our PRSONAS recreation of rodeo Champion Trevor Brazile was a big win for sponsor Wrangler (who wanted to build BRAND identity and customer loyalty among fans during the National Rodeo Finals event in Las Vegas).

While the real Trevor waited his turn to bust broncos at the arena, our interactive self-service Trevor hologram was a star in the lobby of the mega MGM Grand hotel. Click to to learn more about this project.

  1. Speak a Foreign Language

Another of our important partners is Microsoft. The PRSONAS unit showcased at their corporate campus in Redmond, Washington routinely speaks 3 languages: English, Spanish, German

Expecting special visitors from Rio or Rumania? No problem! PRSONAS units can be programmed to speak any language. Yes, ANY language. We're masters of that. To see the multilingual PRSONAS unit in action at CES click here.

  1. Turn it into a Game

When I say we can build games into our PRSONAS experience--I don't just mean games for teenage boys. Competition using self-service holograms is a huge marketing draw for all audiences and a unique way to engage customers that are especially hard to reach.

For example, PRSONAS holograms for event marketing can deliver a knowledge-based game to engage attendees at a conference.  What smart person can resist a ranking? Check out this animated bear that greets children at a hospital.

  1. Go Mobile

Connecting to customers' mobile phones and gadgets only increases engagement and satisfaction. Think of PRSONAS as a shopping portal, research tool, coupon concierge, and 21st century marketing tool.

Now think seamless time and money saver. Our units can do it all. Learn more about using mobile devices with PRSONAS.

  1. Integrate Video

At PRSONAS, we specialize in creating human moments for brands and video is an important part of that experience.

From historical tales to tech How-To's; product info to eye candy (or all of the above); we work with clients to craft video packages that attract, engage, and leave lasting impressions. Check out these 3 best practices for integrating video.

  1. Use Analytics to create better user experiences

PRSONAS units are nimble. You don't have to wait weeks for the numbers. Clients can track engagements and customer journeys during marketing events in real time, on-site.

This high level of responsiveness gives you the power to learn, use that knowledge, and adjust on the fly.

And since things are always changing in the world of marketing, what could be more comforting? Click here to learn more about using analytics.