Holograms Drive Conference Engagement for The Salvation Army

At PRSONAS, we want all our clients to be as happy as The Salvation Army's  Steve Bussey.

And that's setting the bar pretty high.

During a recent conference, Steve said his PRSONAS unit was the talk of the town...the envy of all exhibitors. He even made a great little video about the power of the interactive hologram we made for him to drive conference engagement.

Read more from Steve's perspective in the quote that follows. Then ask yourself--How can a PRSONAS interactive hologram help you turn your message into a powerful human experience.

"During our week at the Phoenix Convention Center for The Salvation Army's National Advisory Organization Conference, PRSONAS' William Booth hologram was the talk of the town! We were the envy of all the exhibitors as we engaged almost non-stop with people who came specifically to the hall to meet the founder of The Salvation Army face-to-face. So many were thrilled to learn more of The Salvation Army's mission and even the most hesitant individuals warmed quickly as they interacted personally with the technology. We are so blessed to have partnered with PRSONAS for the new innovative technology."

Steve is far from the only innovation director who has enjoyed the benefits of our interactive holograms. Beyond bringing The Salvation Army's founder from the 1800's to the trade show floor, PRSONAS has been proud of the many ways we help drive conference engagement for our clients. This includes creating an interactive hologram of a company's CEO, conducting demos of client's products, and adding buzz to a product launch.