Viva Vegas! PRSONAS Holograms at CES 2016 a Big Hit

Sorry, Las Vegas, but I'm not a big fan of your city.   Don't gamble, don't party, and the city that is always "ON" messes with my sleep.

But one thing I DO enjoy, is watching our company continue to grow.  Which means the 8 days I just spent in Vegas were actually a real treat .

That's because PRSONAS got great exposure at the mega consumer electronics show (now called CES).  Two powerhouse partners (Microsoft and Ricoh) featured our self-service, interactive holograms at CES.

We were in very GOOD company to say the least---

Bear in mind, CES is just THE coolest array of gear in the known universe. From smart cars to tiny cameras; robots to PRSONAS holograms at CES--all the newest technology puts in an appearance on the strip.

Microsoft gave us the star treatment in private showings. Huge retailers like Best Buy were invited to tour the Microsoft Retail Experience and interact with Cathy our PRSONAS hologram.

True to its name, Microsoft's Retail Experience was all about the experience this year. There's a shift away from selling product features in favor of selling what consumers can do with those products. And since their PRSONAS unit spoke Spanish, Japanese and English on demand, we were a great fit for demonstrating how Microsoft's newly designed retail experience can work on a global basis.

Meanwhile on the CES convention floor--a PRSONAS hologram was helping our partner Ricoh attract and engage consumers in their booth. No easy task at CES! Since PRSONAS is powered by a Ricoh ultra short throw projector it was a perfect way to showcase Ricoh's amazing visual communications products.

Back home and catching up on my sleep--I still don't love Vegas, but I'll give CES 5 stars.   Sincere thanks to our partners, Microsoft and Ricoh.  You made my 8 neon-washed days and nights more than worth it.   What a great way for PRSONAS kick start the New Year!