Hologram Technology for Event Marketing at The UN


Talk about a dream job--

What entrepreneur wouldn't want to see his innovative, new hologram technology product front and center at a prestigious and newsworthy international event; flanked by the American flag, the UN flag; programmed to engage and inform in the cause of goodness and humanity.

And if that wasn't sweet enough, they named her "Peace".

Oh yea, the sponsor was another household name--IBM--making this event a double win.

Needless to say, we were delighted to deliver an interactive hologram technology for event marketing to help THE United Nations celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UN Charter being signed.

Part virtual ambassador, part tour guide, part history professor, Peace was installed at the ultra-upscale Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, were the UN was chartered 70 years ago.

Here's a sample of her excellent work--

What a great choice for the job! While all our units can speak any language, wear any dress, Peace is nationality-neutral, a citizen of the world.

Another plus? She's youthful and innovative. Celebrating history without losing relevance is a tricky proposition. This the second high-profile anniversary PRSONAS has worked on this year. .

Congress Coordinator Lt.-Colonel Eddie Hobgood

From the founder of the Salvation Army in London, to the spokesperson for the UN in San Francisco--our resume is growing. What can we do for you?