Don't hate me because I've been glamping.

The glamorous form of camping is very hip right now, especially out West.  Like most regular folk, I'd only read about it (and felt more than a little jealous).

Then the venture fund, Founders Fund invited me on my first glamping retreat.

"Will you have electricity?" my co-workers asked.


How else could I power the AC, internet and frig (well stocked, I might add) in my private Airstream trailer plopped in the middle of California's wine county. 

Along with a dozen other guests, I hiked the giant redwoods and kayaked the Russian River.  And at night we sat out under the stars, drinking good wine and discussing augmented reality with some of the brightest minds in the business. 

Did I mention the wonderful food? 

But I sense you may be starting to hate me just a little, so I'll wrap it up quickly.   

My #1 new experience of 2017?  

Glamping AR retreat with the Founders Fund.

Top competitive experience of 2017? 

Winning Silicon Valley Open Doors.

It all started with Google Demo Day.  Yes, just getting picked to compete is a win in itself.   The name Google garners lots of attention, cachet, and  literally opens doors. Only 13 companies in North America are tapped each year.  The judges include names like AOL founder, investor Steve Case.

One great experience--which led to another. 

Based on the Google selection, SVOD decided to give PRSONAS a look for their start up showcase. 

And suddenly, there I was--on stage pitching our super-smart, interactive CGI digital personalities to a stellar audience of venture capitalists.

Check out the shocked (but happy) look on my face in the photo below.  I never dreamed we'd win it all!


From first prize to the bottom line...Financial Milestones for PRSONAS in 2017 include raising $1.1 million in investment seed money.  One of those investors?  Steve Case.  His support is a powerful vote of confidence. 

On the income side, we doubled our revenue--adding new clients from healthcare, pharma and retail. 

Finally, PRSONAS took a giant step forward with our technology in 2017, when we  launched our Real Time Engine.  This new software sets our digital personalities free to work in augmented reality, virtual reality and across mobile devices and websites.

Digital personalities that can serve as concierges in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are an especially exciting opportunity. We are well poised for continued grow. 

So as 2018 rolls around, look for more PRSONAS characters coming to screens large and small near you.

Here's to the future!  Happy Holidays from all of us at PRSONAS.