Executive Briefing Center Holograms - Ricoh Takes the Lead

Even the shipping guys could tell this was something BIG--5 extra long, coffin-sized cases bound for executive briefing centers in major cities across the US left our production facility last week.

Carefully packed inside was a major departure, a bold stroke in the way humans interact with machines.

We call her Daphne and she represents a break with the decades-long tradition of wrapping technology in boxes, slabs, and other molded plastic shapes. 

Daphne is a PRSONAS interactive hologram, a freestanding CGI (computer generated image) who looks a bit like the Japanese animated/Disney/computer game characters these Generation Xers and Millennials grew up with.

But behind that animated appearance is a powerful computer brain.

Daphne's mission?  Demo her skills in the high-profile Executive Briefing Centers of our strategic partner Ricoh. 

These skills include: 

  • Superior and memorable engagement
  • Multiple communication streams including text/voice/video/touch screen/multiple spoken languages plus American sign language for the hearing impaired
  • Problem solving
  • Product pitching
  • Order taking
  • Customer registration
  • Analytics collection and reporting
  • Telling stories that enhance the power of a brand

Hats off to partner Ricoh for literally thinking outside the technology box with this Daphne deployment.   

Computer intelligence has evolved  exponentially in the last decade.  Isn't it time the computer to human interface evolved as well? 

We're banking on it at PRSONAS. 

We believe the time is now; the technology is Daphne.   And we're delighted to have an global  powerhouse like Ricoh in our corner. 

See Daphne at a Ricoh Executive Briefing Center near you--or--watch the short video demo of PRSONAS Daphne showing off a bit.