Engaging Pediatric Patients with Animated CGI Virtual Presenters

Engaging Pediatric Patients with Animated CGI Virtual Presenters

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids NEVER listen.  Yes, I do run a company, have a MBA, and make payroll.  Still when it comes to words of wisdom, I can’t hold a candle to their 9 -14 year old pals.

So when a client came to us looking for an engaging, interactive way to communicate with children--I knew exactly where that client was coming from.

KIDS ARE A TOUGH AUDIENCE.   It’s hard to get your point across, much harder still to deliver content that they will actually be able to recall.

But this client’s message was vital. 

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel was looking for a way to communicate critical info to children who are all too often, ill and afraid.

Our solution for this regional healthcare facility was to turn their Buddy the Bear character into an engaging, interactive warm-fuzzy PRSONAS unit. Buddy is an animated CGI (Computer generated image) character was original developed to educate kids who needed MRI and CT scans on what they would go through.   Imagine putting a living teddy bear on the healthcare staff and you get the picture.   Buddy is a huge hit with kids.

This Buddy demo charms and engages young patients as he introduces the hospital environment in a memorable, non-threatening way.   And this cuddly CGI virtual presenter can educate little ones on MRI and CT scans, as well as asthma treatments.

How is it done?

Clients choose from a cast of existing CGI virtual presenter characters or request an original CGI design.  The sky’s the limit, BTW.  From teddy bears, to dinosaurs, to life-like humans, these CGI virtual presenters are THE BEST WAY to engage customers in the physical world, be it retail, healthcare, hospitality, or entertainment.

Whatever form they take, they excel at interactivity all along the customer journey.  And coming soon--the PRSONAS DESIGN FACTORY will allow clients to update the content and end experience of their CGI virtual presenters quickly and easily from any computer anywhere in the world.

That’s a big break through for Buddy and his young friends at the hospital and everyone else with an important story to tell.

Now if we can just build one to get through to MY kids--