Digital Hosts Provide An Incredible Asset To Virtual Reality

Congrats, you just started a new job! The first few weeks are centered around getting accustomed to the office, meeting your new coworkers, and of course, training. Lucky for you, your company isn’t forcing you to sit in front of a computer or read a 100-page packet. Instead, the company is using virtual reality to simulate your job and allow you to train in a realistic work environment!

Let’s assume this is your first time using virtual reality. You place the VR viewer on your head and are transported to your virtual workstation. Everything from dealing with clients to manual labor to talking with your coworkers has been simulated to bring you up to speed as fast as possible.

After a few minutes in the training simulation, you hear a loud beep and everything goes red. The VR training experience is saying that you made a mistake somewhere, even though you think you did everything right. How can you figure out your mistake?

You have two options. Option 1, go back over the recorded VR simulation with incredible detail to find your mistake. Option 2, listen to a PRSONAS digital host ready to help you navigate the situation and explain all the details.

Obviously, the best option is number 2! An intelligent digital host can help users in a VR experience like our new employee sift through a myriad of options and navigate complicated 3D spaces and scenarios.

Our digital hosts aren’t only able to increase efficiency by saving our new employee time. The employee’s retention of the material will also increase as the hosts can interact with the viewer in numerous ways to provide help and truly connect.

There is a reason professionals and students train under the guidance of an expert, and PRSONAS digital hosts are bringing these experts to Virtual Reality experiences!