Designing Great End User Experiences for Virtual Presenters—Let Elizabeth be Your Guide

Designing Great End User Experiences for Virtual Presenters

Meet Elizabeth and Angi.

Elizabeth From Durham Cares is the woman on the left in the photo; Angi—the virtual presenter on the right.

We took this photo to make one very important point:  Virtual presenters work so well because they seem so remarkably human.

It is their strength. 

So run with it, especially when it comes to designing great end user experiences.  When you sit down at the keyboard to craft your virtual presenter script, visualize this photo and ask yourself, What would Elizabeth do???

That’s easy to visualize. A hard working, engaging young woman like Elizabeth would see a person approach and smile.   She would say “hello” and “welcome”.

Ditto for Angi whose greeting is actually driven by motion sensors.  And while Angi’s brain is essentially an advanced computer, leave your SEO words at home.   This is not the time or place for computer-speak.  Human-like engagement is Angi’s strength.   Always keep this in mind when designing great end user experiences for virtual presenters.

We recommend an initial greeting of 20 seconds or less. .

If that sounds ridiculously short, do this simple exercise:  Walk around your office with a stop watch tucked in your pocket and greet several people who are on the move.    Twenty seconds suddenly becomes a lengthy exchange.

After the greeting, Elizabeth would offer to help.

That help could come in the form of navigating an event, learning more about a product or location, signing up for a newsletter or contest.

Angi performs this part of the end user engagement brilliantly with a touchscreen interface that lets the customer self-select the information they are interested in receiving.

Again, designing great end user experiences for virtual presenters is paramount since no one likes to be force-fed information or have their valuable time wasted.    And Angi’s many options are supported by visuals and graphics.  Studies show that people respond far better to visual information than simple text alone.

Plus,  Angi doesn’t just interact with the customer, she tracks valuable analytics.  That’s a smart virtual presenter’s other great strength—web quality analytics and reporting for customer engagements in the physical world.

But that’s another story.  It’s time to say goodbye.

So ask yourself, What would Elizabeth do???  Keep the walk away message short and sweet.

Mine is:  Hope you find this post helpful. Please share your thoughts and questions.   Thanks for stopping by.