The Challenge of New Tech and Google Searches - PRSONAS Self-Service Holograms vs Virtual Mannequins

If your business is built around a cutting edge product, turning up in Google searches can be a problem.

For example, PRSONAS builds engaging, self-service holograms that deliver web-quality experiences in the physical world.

I’ll admit it is a mouthful, something no one would type into a Google search box. So every now and then, we research how people are looking for products like ours online.

And the most recent #1 search term is (drum roll):

Virtual Mannequins   

Yikes! That term falls so woefully short of PRSONAS units that I thought I’d bring in Charity, one of our state of the art, programmable holograms to take it from here--

Q: What would you say to that term, Virtual Mannequins, Charity?

A: Well, I think the differences are immediately obvious. The term Mannequin makes me think of wooden, frozen features, while you can see in the video of me in action, I have facial expressions.   I’m also equipped with motion sensors, so I react to a person’s approach in a real world setting.  Oh yes, I speak. I don’t think mannequins do that. 

Here's an example.

Q: Any other big differences between you and a mannequin?

A: Well there are so many--I don’t mean to brag but I hope people can tell that I’m smart.  PRSONAS units are a combination of superior artificial intelligence and cutting edge computer graphics. The fact that I can be programmed with endless options for tailored end-user experiences means I am not just another pretty face talking at you like a broken record.

Q: At PRSONAS, your bosses, Chuck and I make a big deal over the fact that you are not just engaging but interactive as well. Can you tell people why interactivity is so important?

A: You shop on-line don’t you? Who doesn’t these days?  Well, what I can do is create that kind of tailored, and tracked customer experience in the physical world--places like retail stores, at events, and corporate lobbies or hotels and hospitals.  I’ve heard my analytics are priceless.

Q: Yea, I've heard that, too. You make a convincing argument. Anything else you’d like to add to the mannequin debate before we close?

A: Well, I must confess that there is one way I’m like a mannequin. You can change my wardrobe.  Just no really short skirts, ok.