CEO Hologram - Creating Digital Jed for Adwerx


So many opportunities, so little time. And it's so important to tell your innovative company's story face-to-face.

What CEO doesn't wish they could clone themselves and be in two (or more) places at once?. What company wouldn't want a CEO hologram?

Well, one of those wishes just came true.

Not a clone, of course, we don't do that at PRSONAS--but something even cooler (and a lot less creepy) just rolled out of our shop.

I'm talking about Digital JED, a life-like, PRSONAS-built CEO hologram that can attend every trade show, tell the company story, take leads and never get sore feet, jetlag or exhaustion.

Meet the real Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx, and his hologram double, Digital Jed , in the  short video below. You'll find out how PRSONAS is helping both meet their goals.  Can we create a CEO hologram for you?