Car-buying concierge meets self-service hologram technology -- A Marriage Made in Heaven

Sure, they could have hired a live woman to meet, greet and showcase the products, but that would have been so old school...

And Pure Pursuit is anything but old school. Not your momma's Chevrolet or Honda; not my Toyota Prius either, this cutting-edge, boutique-style car dealership sells luxury sport vehicles you won't find on any lot.

It's a new concept, the brain child of founder, Glen Dakan, who just opened his first physical showroom in the Kansas City area.

From basement computer to bricks and mortar in just 18 months, this startup story is quite an accomplishment.

And who better to pitch this radical departure from old school to cool, concierge for car enthusiasts than PRSONAS self-service hologram technology.

Here is a clip from a local Kansas City news story about this marriage made in heaven:

Her name is Chelsea, and she not only meets and greets, she explains the Pure Pursuit concept, collects email addresses and other information.

Chelsea also shows a wealth of videos on demand. The subject? Cars of course.   Don't let her looks deceive you. Chelsea is a huge gear head.

And the best thing about her? She lets the customers drive.

PRSONAS self-service hologram technology, like Chelsea, has superior artificial intelligence and nimble navigation built around the end-user experience. That means her service is just as one-to-one and personal as Glen's, who is NOT a salesman, but a car-buying concierge.

Don't see what you want in the Pure Pursuit showroom?

Use the giant motion-controlled video screen to build your own deluxe vehicle. (That's a little like driving, too.) Submit your order and they will scour the internet for the car of your dreams.

Car enthusiasts at Pure Pursuit's recent showroom opening thought it was quite the package.

And Chelsea, like all our PRSONAS self-service holograms, reflects that unique, memorable environment to a "T".

One more thing that points to a long and happy marriage between these two: Both Pure Pursuit and PRSONAS are creating better ways for people to do business.  And while we value all our customers, we LOVE partnering with other startups that are bold, innovative and breaking new ground.

Well done, Pure Pursuit, happy to be on board.