Best Practices For Designing Human-Computer Interactions



As CEO of an interactive hologram company, I meet a LOT of smart, innovative people. However, I find that almost no one has experience designing human-computer interactions for holograms. An HCI user experience can deliver tremendous value for both the brand and end user but they are very different from more conventional channels of communication.   Here are the top bullet points on my list for designing successful human-computer interactions:

  • STOP thinking, talking, writing like a Google search. Yes, it's OK to use terms like "Best Practices" and "Human-Computer Interactions" when you're trying to optimize Google searches (like now), but real people talk like real people.   Skip the MBA school jargon and pretend you are engaging your best friend. Words that end in "tion" immediately fly out the window. Strive for normal language.
  • Identify a clear PROBLEM/Solution. The problem can be a huge, life-changing dilemma--like finding a new , more exciting career path, or a small one, like, " those frozen yogurt bars look really good, but what if I spend $4.99 and they're not? " In either case, the classic problem/solution is a powerful draw. Always stay focused on the customer's needs, not yours or your brand's. Which means....
  • Marketing spiels are OUT. Narratives are IN. I use the word "engagement" a lot when explaining this point. Human-computer interaction is dialogue, a story and/or quest with a beginning, a middle and end. Remember engaging your best friend? You can't just talk about yourself the time. It's a give and take--a progression.
  • Finally, never forget this is a HUMAN-computer interaction.  That equation doesn't work the other way around.  The HUMAN always calls the shots in this dialogue or walks away with a negative impression (remembering Hal the computer from the iconic movie "2001")

Want to know more about how designing human-computer interactions with PRSONAS holograms can your brand connect with customers? Contact me. I always have time for smart, innovative folks!