US ARMY Enlists PRSONAS for Recruiting Holograms

The Army is a total life-changer. Developing not just your career but your character, a meet and greet and a take-away brochure could never do the experience justice.

Recruits want to hear about real peoples' experiences. Testimonials are thus incredibly powerful tools for recruiting. With the help of PRSONAS recruiting holograms, the US Army is now taking these life-changing stories to the next level.

The project is called "The Army Experience". We built four different recruiting holograms for the client.

#1) A bilingual Staff Sergeant who emphasizes education, advancement, leadership, opportunity and camaraderie.

#2) An Army officer who discusses responsibility, the pressures of command and the powerful skill of decision making.

#3) A medical professional who talks about world-class training, care and making a difference in other lives.

#4 An Army surgeon who addresses educational costs, experience, challenges and finely-honed skills.

With the age of this client's target audience being 17-25, brief videos are an essential recruiting tool. Check out a few of the Army's best below:

The mobility of the PRSONAS units has really been on display in this partnership. Hassle-free to transport and set-up, the Army brings their four units to recruiting and career-day events all across the country.

This makes us proud. Not only is the Army's mission critical, but this recruiting holograms campaign also showcases PRSONAS' storytelling skills in a very impactful way.

That is powerful- just like the young men and women who put it all on the line for us. Go Army!