Analytics from PRSONAS Holograms help Clients Quantify Results, and Win Customers

Data lights the way--

Which means those of us in business have a clear choice:

We can put on the blindfold, spin around 3 times before reeling off toward the target like a game of "Blind Man's Bluff".


We can collect and collate meaningful data, using the resulting analytics to evaluate efforts and chart a path for  growth.

I'll take option two, thank you.

Online retailers use analytics brilliantly.  Mega-seller Amazon, for example, knows me like an old pal. David's needs, wants, hobbies, tastes in music, books, and videos follow me through their store and beyond.

All this tracking and targeting is easily done, evaluated, and refined in the cyber world--but the physical world is a whole different ball game.  And that's exactly why we developed PRSONAS.

Our super-smart, interactive holograms collect and report web-like analytics in places where the web doesn't go: malls, airports, concerts, sporting events, museums, brick and mortar retailers--you name it.

Ok, we do make great eye candy.  Holograms are cool and over the last few years PRSONAS has made everything from talking dinosaurs to mascots, celebrity rodeo riders to the girl next door.  But our power to stop traffic and engage customers is just part of the package--the tip of the iceberg, really.  When I pitch PRSONAS to potential clients and investors, I'm selling our analytics package--engagement, plus targeting, tracking and quantifying marketing efforts --a true rarity in the physical world.

Analytics for each customer engagement are compiled and reported.  Our clients learn why people are coming into their space--what they want and how they want it delivered (full or self-service).  Results are instantly available and can be collected from any lap top anywhere in the world.  Staffing can be adjusted, product lines modified, customers remembered with tailored messages and offers.


While the playing field has shifted dramatically in the last decade--one thing hasn't changed.  As online sellers build cyber relationships, the old adage, Know Your Customer, is more important than ever before.   

At PRSONAS we're helping our clients do just that--

The blindfolds are off.  No more reeling around.  What can we do for you?