81 Retail Uses for an Interactive, Self Service Hologram

1. Try A/B tests on offers by store, by day-part, and more

2. Engage customers with an interactive hologram - think coupons, contest and concierge stylist

3. Lead capture without holding up the line - "Want to receive coupons, join our list."

4. ?Hablas espanol?  It's multilingual - Spanish, German, Chinese...you name it, holograms can speak it

5. Offer a fun interactive game with an in-store prize or social sharing options

6. Customize the hologram experience in order to best fit your cliental daily, different times of the day and more

7. Have a celebrity self service hologram promote his/her product line

8. Offer something that Amazon doesn't - a personal, interactive hologram

9. Use a self service hologram shows your customers where to find the product they are looking for

10. Use an interactive hologram in the front of your store to thwart your competitors

11. Pimp out your holograms with your latest clothing line - swap outfits every hour or minute

12. Rather than a mannequin window display, use an self service hologram that WOWs

13. Offer a Selfie contest with your hologram - have store locations compete

14. Create a unique experience for the customer that aligns with your in-store brand experience using a self-service hologram

15.  Jump on the mobile coupon trend with a hologram - send mobile offers and coupons instantly and collect the data and analytics for effectiveness

16. Create a special loyalty experience for repeat customers with a hologram

17. Integrate the online and in store experience

18. Position your brand as retail of the future with an interactive hologram

19. Create a fun store scavenger hunt helping customers see new inventory and store layout

20. Deliver your weekly sales circular with a personal flare

21. Showcase the latest fashion trends with a narrated Pinterest fashion board

22. Augment your sales team at peak hours with self check out with a human touch

23. Always have a charismatic greeting, letting the customer know their business is appreciated

24. Create an interactive skin assessment for your next skin care line

25. Use a hologram to impress at your next store opening

26. Customers can easily look up product availability among other stores in the region

27. Need a genius bar? Try a hologram to demo products, how to and FAQs

28. Create a color pallet assessment to help at the cosmestic counterPrsonas at world tour 2015

29. Create a flash sale strategy and test when are the best times and offers

30. Add self check out option during peak hours

31. Create a referral campaign with a special offer

32. Point customers towards a product that isn’t marked down

33. Program interactive holograms to feature a product

34. Empower your sales staff with data and information about product popularity, upsale strategies from other associates

35. Test various discount strategies

36. Allow customers to price check and offer other similar items

37. Compete with the online retail with a hologram - interactive and buzzworthy

38. Review multi-store offer effectiveness through the online analytics portal

39. Offer product partners advertising and offer access to your customers

40. Collect data on sales trends, showing needs in inventory

41. Predict which products are going to sell faster allowing you to preemptively stock inventory when appropriate

42. Sampling a part of your product strategy? Holograms are a great way to sample and get feedback

43. Forget the perfume gal, try using a hologram to share your latest perfume

44. Offer customers a preview of coming soon items or better yet have them pick their favorite

45. Need a way for customers to get sizing help? Create an interactive sizing exercise by style, garment or shoes

46. Help decide which new brands or products to stock - a hologram can ask your customers what they want

47. Provides data analytics that enables efficient and effective couponing

48. Promote your mobile app to increase downloads

49. Collect customer testimonials with the hologram display

50. Collect customer information for email and newsletter distribution

51. Want a famous designer to interact with your customers? Holograms allow them to be in more than one place at a time

52. Automatically send appreciation note with the collection of there information on a  interactive hologram

53. Use as a way to showcase upcoming special events

54. Receive feedback from customer on their shopping trip

55. Share instantaneous customer information from display at a central location to other locations

56. Create different giveaway offers to increase your list and engage customers

57. Promote your good corporate citizen efforts - special sourcing, environmentally friendly efforts or fundraise for any flood, hurricane or disaster

58. Showcase your video content

59. Associate your brand to a cutting edge technology

60. Increase customer conversion rates with a  proven Interactive Hologram tool

61. Create interactive social media contests - Hot pinterest boards, rad instagram photos and more

62. Rapidly change holograms appearance to demonstrate new merchandise

63. Offer Consistent message and appearance of  hologram across multiple locations

64. Move the interactive hologram to draw attention to a certain part of the store -- it's portable - lighter than a German Sherpard

65. Use it as an "elf on a shelf" moving the hologram from store to store - drawing attention to other locations

66. Create a personal in store product recommendation engine

67. Provide informationtional entertainment for people in line to check out

SmartSky Video Pic68. Use as mid-mall kiosks in order to point them in the direction of your store

69. Provide detail specification of merchandise

70. Collect credit card application data

71. Present a first impression no one will forget

72. Use for online orders for merchandise not available in the store

73. Collect customer suggestions to improve the experience

74. Attract top talent excited to work with progressive technology

75. Demonstrate new merchandise to advertise for products not yet released

76. Like a flight call button, use your hologram to notify a sales associate a customer is requesting assistance

77. Use as a customer notification service for new and out of stock merchandise

78. Use the interactive touch screen to find if sizes and colors of the product are available in the store

79. Offer a mall concereige with way-finding capability for our visitors

80. Recommends accessories to match with the product the customer is searching for

81. Turn a paper display into a virtual hologram that attracts attention that can be changed anytime to test messages, offers , designs or themes