5 ways any enterprise company can use holograms

Since it's basketball season here in North Carolina, let's call them YOUR STARTING FIVE

Starting because PRSONAS units are a great point of first contact between customers  and your brand.  Our super-smart, user-friendly holograms bring the ease of web-like interactions and analytics into physical spaces--without sacrificing the human touch. 

Clients use PRSONAS to interact with their customers five main ways


Celebrities and CEOS have limited availability, but a PRSONAS hologram can welcome customers and collect leads day after day, non-stop.  And our eye-catching holograms have great appeal and stopping power in event spaces and other crowded venues.  

People love the technology--and they enjoy the options for messaging: speech in various languages,  video,  text, or sign language.  Clients enjoy the lead capture and instant analytics.  No waiting to know how you're doing.


A PRSONAS unit can be programmed to welcome visitors, alert employees to a guest via text; intake and record everything from deliveries to job applications.  Depending on your needs, we can take payments, register and help guests find their way, and sign up e-newsletter subscriptions--all without a  lunch break or overtime.    Our holograms are not just efficient receptionists--but cost efficient, too.


Millennials expect more from a career (and a career pitch)-which is why clients like the US ARMY have deployed PRSONAS units to help with recruiting efforts.   Not only do our units have great stopping power,  they have great story telling abilities, too.  

Capture imaginations with short videos.  Capture leads and analytics while leaving a lasting impression.  PRSONAS holograms are the total package for speaking to  a generation that's grown up on-line


No translator on staff? No problem.   PRSONAS holograms can be programmed for deliverying information in multiple languages.  With localized messaging, text and video, moving from English to Spanish, or French to Japanese  can be done with a few key strokes--making us the perfect choice for international events and clientele.


Did I mention sign language?  I usually do.  PRSONAS units are terrific tools for effectively providing information about your company to the Deaf Community.   Our holograms are proficient in ASL sign language delivery.  Realistic facial expression and head movements are another aid to communication. 

Do you have additional ideas for using holograms to engage customers? We would love to hear from you!