5 More Best Practices for Using Virtual Presenters to Engage Customers at Trade Shows & Events

Using Virtual Presenters to Engage Customers at Trade Shows and Events

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1)     Speak your customers’ language:  No English?  No problem.  Computer generated image (CGI) based virtual presenters can be easily programmed to communicate with event attendees in an unlimited number of languages.  This makes using virtual presenters to engage customers at trade shows and events an excellent choice for international settings where attendees speak different languages.

  2)     Maximize data collection:  The use of smart virtual presenters is on the rise because they do something unique at trade shows--collect web quality analytics.  At crowded, completive trade shows, this data collection is a GREAT advantage.   Not only should all the metrics around each engagement collected and available via an online portal, the virtual presenters are also ideal for capturing leads.  Badge swipes, SMS / text and RFID technologies can be used with smart virtual presenters to automatically capture leads. Alternatively, a short lead capture form on an interactive touch screen can capture attendee information.  It’s simple, easy for them, and the data is priceless for you.

 3)     Consider ease of setup and use: Given how expensive it can be to have a third party set up the technology at your trade show booth or event, be sure to consider how much time and effort it might take to setup a virtual presenter in your booth. Some virtual presenters can be setup in less than 5 minutes and require no AV expertise. Some installations are much more complicated, take much longer and require professional AV assistance.

 4)     Consider shipping costs:  Shipping charges can take an extraordinary amount of your overall  trade show budget, especially if your company attends multiple shows at year. Virtual presenters come in many shapes and sizes. Some virtual presenters fit in a compact carrying case that can be checked as baggage on a plane or even fit in a Toyota Prius if you’re driving to event. Some virtual presenters are BIGGER than a Toyota Prius and very expensive to ship due to their weight.

 5)      Finally, flexibility is your friend:  A single CGI virtual presenter can be customized ENDLESS ways and programmed for each trade show or event your company attends.  Let the analytics your virtual presenter collects guide you as you customize and refine your message and interactions.   Changing script is not a problem.  It can be handled with a few keystrokes.   After all, what good is engaging your customers if you can’t listen and react?  Virtual presenters do this brilliantly!