5 Best Practices for Creating Self-Service Hologram End User Experiences

To quote a friend who spent decades turning out well-respected TV scripts --"It's not what you write, but what you DON'T write that matters most."  

What she means is this: when you're writing for an audience that could change the channel at any moment, always be minimalist; targeted, short and sweet.

And that's the number one piece of advice we give clients about crafting PRSONAS self-service hologram user experience messages: Cut. Hack. Snip. 


  1. The welcome for our unique freestanding self-service holograms should be 10 seconds or less. Try saying your script out loud with a timer.
  2. Limit the content users can select to less than 30 seconds (this is the introduction that explains the encounter to the user).
  3. Videos should also time out less than 30 seconds (no matter how cool they look).
  4. And the total word count for your self-service hologram scripts should be around 200-225 words.  ( i.e. 100 words less than this blog post).
  5. Create a 10 second walk away message that triggers when someone walks away.

Yes, there will be pressure to expand and add more info.  There is always that pressure: one work group wants a line here; the boss wants a few more ideas there.


Put those word-heavy folks in your customers' shoes. Remind them those shoes are moving. They're likely walking through a physical space: a mall, airport, convention center, or sports venue.

And they are walking FAST. Every word, option, or opportunity you give these people must count in their busy world.

So be true to your customer interaction. Put the end user-experience first, and sell that idea to your team.

We tell PRSONAS clients that it's kind of like scripting for a super-bowl commercial:  You have this PRIME opportunity to make an impression and stand out from the clutter. Use it to create an image, a single succinct and powerful story that is unique enough to find its way into tomorrow's water cooler conversation, and in our case, selfies they share on Twitter.

So yes, less is really more  (much more) with PRSONAS self-service hologram technology.