46 Uses for Self-Service Holograms in the Hospitality Industry

Just Imagine:  No long waits to check in at your hotel; never holding the phone for room service or leafing through that (very old school) guest book in search of ice, drinks, eats.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg--

Interactive, self-service holograms, like the ones we make at PRSONAS, offer endless solutions for the hospitality industry.  When it comes to service,  these high-tech units are naturals.  They're fast, efficient and easily customizable so guests can get the results they want quickly and easily.

If you can dream it, a self-service hologram can probably do it.

But just to get you started on those dreams, here's a list of 46 ways a PROSANAS-style hologram will improve the hospitality experience in hotels, ball parks, restaurants and more.

After all, hospitality (just like our product)  IS  all about the experience--

  1. Create a consistent greeting for your next hosted corporate meeting that includes welcome, itinerary and locations
  2. Get rid of the aisle attendants at the big game and offer a hologram to show fans the nearest concession or merchandise stands
  3. Direct customers to the nearest bathroom when they just gotta go
  4. Help football fans find their seat with ease
  5. Player signing autographs after the game? An interactive hologram can show upcoming events surrounding the team.
  6.  Catching a foul ball can leave a mark. Let a self-service unit point your fan towards a medical station
  7.  Offer a self check out option at the concession stand with built-in commerce capability
  8. Hablas espanol?  Does your check in staff at your hotel speak multiple languages? Offer a multilingual hologram as an alternative.
  9. Augment your team at peak hours with self check out and check in with a human touch
  10. Always promote incremental services at check in with a virtual Hologram
  11. Need plans? Use a self-service hologram as a virtual concierge and let it show you all that the city you are in has to offer you
  12. Late night self check in from a personal hologram at the hotel, so travel weary guests can get to bed earlier
  13. Book tours easily with an interactive hologram
  14.  Partner with area attractions to offer special offers through mobile coupons with an interactive hologram
  15. Don’t know which floor everything is on? A self-service hologram stationed in the elevator can show your guests where all the hotels amenities are located
  16. Increase loyalty point program with a seamless, easy process with the personality of your interactive hologram
  17. Ever wanted to go skydiving? A self-service concierge can find out when and where you can go AND book it for you
  18. First impressions go a long way --- Use a hologram to impress your customer
  19. Automatically send appreciation note with the collection of there information on a interactive hologram
  20. Restaurant Swamped? Use a hologram to check guest in for there reservation
  21. Collect customer information for email and newsletter distribution
  22. Want your Chef to interact with your customers? Holograms allow them to be in more than one place at a time
  23. Use a hologram in the lobby of your restaurant to feature items on the menu
  24.  Offer your mascot or celebrity a way to be at more than one place in hologram form
  25. Convention centers can be hard to navigate but with self-service hologram stationed throughout its never hard to find the meeting room your looking for
  26. Restaurant week coming up? Use an interactive hologram as a way to showcase upcoming special events
  27. Check members into the gym with a hologram stationed at the entrance
  28. Better manage crowds at an amusement park by using a smart hologram to direct guests to the least crowded part of the park in real time
  29. Long wait for a table? Let customers order drinks and appetizers on a PRSONAS unit in the lobby
  30. Post personal trainer hologram at equipment stations around the gym to demonstrate how they are used and present a weekly challenge
  31. 32. Your spa guests are unplugged with their mobile phones in the locker, offering them a way to order a healthy lunch or smoothie with a gentle hologram
  32. 33. Line to long at your favorite roller costar? Get a fast pass from the nearest PRSONAS hologram.
  33. 34. To many people surrounding the bar to order a drink? Remotely order a drink with a hologram
  34. 35. It’s hard for characters to be everywhere at once. PRSONAS interactive hologram lets these famous characters be in multiple locations instantaneously.
  35. 36. Promote your next social media contest with your interactive hologram, maybe a selfie contest?
  36. 37.  Offer a way for spa guests to add more services with a self-service hologram showing available services at a discount
  37.  Can’t find your favorite log flume ride? Our self-service hologram can show you how to get there and even the nearest place to buy a poncho
  38. Create a fun park scavenger hunt helping visitors see new rides and stores in the park
  39. Ticket line building up at the movie theater for the big premier? Walk over to the nearest self-service hologram and buy and print tickets
  40. Self-service holograms have the latest schedule and times of tours after hours Need to change a diaper? A self-service holograms can quickly point you to the nearest restroom with a changing station
  41. Need to create the ultimate guest experience but don't have the data to support it, try using a hologram to collect guest profiles and create a custom experience for every guest every time they come into your hotel regardless of location
  42. Skip the hassles of immigration requirements and work visas and leverage the personal service of a hologram that can be launched globally without needing a single visa or passport
  43. Ensure your consistent brand experience by a scalable concierge service that is consistent and always on brand.
  44. After an acquisition of a smaller hotel chain, instantly infuse your brand and experience into the new locations with an easy to install and programmable hologram
  45. Offer your top hotel staff opportunities for growth and innovation, by leveraging a hologram to do repeatable tasks
  46. Capture the attention of the fastest growing hospitality segment, Millienals, the tech-savvy, interactive experience by using a self-service hologram