Digital Hosts: The future of consumer experience in retail

Recently, I walked into a large outlet store and noticed something immediately.

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Interactive Holograms Maximize Your Trade Show Efforts!

Hundreds of thousands of attendees. Thousands of booths. Three days. Welcome to the trade show!

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PRSONAS Virtual ‘Digital Personalities’ To Add A Personal Touch In Your Store, Event Or Office

Originally posted on Hypepotamus by Holly Beilin

Siri, Cortana, Alexa… having a virtual assistant in all your devices and gadgets certainly isn’t a rarity anymore. But how often can you say you interact with a human-like, intelligent, personable hologram?

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5 Ways Digital Hosts Are Making Offices More Efficient

1. Digital Receptionist

Forget those often-overlooked front desk check-in screens and say hello to the reception of the future! Always on-time and with a smile, a PRSONAS virtual receptionist is able to greet visitors, present a searchable staff directory, and notify an employee of a visitor via mobile. These digital hosts can be easily updated through an online interface with just a few...

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Digital Hosts Provide An Incredible Asset To Virtual Reality

Congrats, you just started a new job! The first few weeks are centered around getting accustomed to the office, meeting your new coworkers, and of course, training. Lucky for you, your company isn’t forcing you to sit in front of a computer or read a 100-page packet. Instead, the company is using virtual reality to simulate your job and allow you to train in a realistic work environment!

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How to Optimize Your Receptionist

It’s the sound I heard when I walked into my friend’s office the other day. “Hi! How can I help you?”

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Wayfinding Technology Gets Personal With Digital Hosts

"Ok, so you are going to take a left, then a right, another right, left again, jump over the river, under the bridge, and you should be able to find the right room."

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The Perfect Product Specialists AKA: Self-Service Hologram

The product-specialist of the future is, well, perfect. Perfect recall of a vast array of product information. Perfectly able to communicate with any customer regardless of what language they speak. Able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Perfect memory of your sales pitch and even able to communicate via sign language.

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The Customer Experience, Miss Manners, & Holograms

You just got a big slap on the wrist, corporate America. In a recent column, the long-running columnist, author and internationally recognized etiquette authority, Miss Manners, called you out for NOT finishing what you start.

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Hold on to your tablets and iPhones.  I'm taking you back to the days when computers were huge, expensive and never-ever talked to regular people like you and me. 

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