Introducing nuZHolo


The Worlds Most Intelligent Hologram!

A bold statement? Yes!
Can we back it up? You bet we can!

No doubt that holographic displays have captured the attention of millions and have been a natural fit for delivering that "Wow-factor" at trade shows, events, and other location-based exhibitions. However, all others are merely "looping videos" or at best a simple "triggered loop." nuZHolo breaks out from the crowd and delivers the worlds first holographic cube display driven by advanced artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and gesture interfacing to provide an unmatched user engagement experience that will set your brand and product apart!


Oh - and did I mentioned we offer all this at the same price point of those looping videos?





Create that wow-factor and engage your customers to set your product apart from the others!


Intelligent 2-way engagements with your customers improve the quantity and quality of your leads!


Provides insight into customer wants and needs through advanced metrics and analytics!

What Makes nuZHolo Different?

Here are a few of the advanced intelligence features that make nuZHolo different than any other holographic display!

 Microphone  american-sign-language-interpreting-solid  sms-solid
Speech Recognition Multi-Lingual Text & Email Messaging
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Artificial Intelligence Detailed Reporting Machine Learning


Why settle for a simple looping video when you can actively engage, education and communication with your customers using our intelligent solution? 


If you are looking to improve your brand image, generate more leads and learn more about your customers needs, please fill out the information at the right and let's rock your next event!

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