Welcome, Partners in Innovation!


You're only as good as the company you keep! Not an entirely original concept, but one we at nuMedia truly believe in. We are on a journey to redefine how humans and technology communicate forming a more efficient, productive and "Yes", human customer experience. We are glad that you share that vision of "The Art of the Possible" and have come here to explore how we can partner on that journey.


What do we offer in this relationship?



Establish your brand as a thought leader in customer experience and innovation!


Unrivaled customer experience technologies protected by 4 US patents and 18 years of development!


Global Access to Enterprise Partners and Support Personnel in Over a Dozen Countries Worldwide!


Partnership Levels 


We have committed over 18 years of industry development and experience in the creation of our patented technologies and unique offerings. We are looking for partners who are committed to advancing customer experience innovations within their markets. We also understand that every business has their unique situation so we have created multiple levels of partnerships that will provide mutual success whatever your needs. Please review the partnership levels below and then fill out the contact form below for additional details on moving forward.




10% Commissions
The quick & easy way to offer our solutions!



nuMedia Provided Presales Support
nuMedia Provided Tier 1 Support
nuMedia Provided Tier 2 Support
Onsite Repair for Tier 3 Issues
Recurring Commissions on Renewals
No Sales Commitment


This program is designed for businesses wanting early sales consulting and proposal support. This is perfect for companies who may have an infrequent need to offer our technologies or who want to test the market waters before committing to an expanded relationship.


Support Definitions:

  • Tier 1 Support = Minor Issue or User Error
  • Tier 2 Support = Non-Critical System Error
  • Tier 3 Support = System is Inoperable


27% Commissions
Advanced Opportunity for Advanced Partners!

Partner Requirements:


Maintain Point of Contact w/ Client
Partner Provides Tier 1 Support
nuMedia Provides Tier 2 Support
Onsite Repair for Tier 3 Issues
Purchase Demo Unit @ %50 MSRP
Commitment to Sale 10 Units Per Year 


Designed for partners with established lines of business in their respective market, wishing to maintain the value-added relationship with their clients. This program offers very aggressive margins in exchange for partner supporting and maintaining that client relationship, actively demoing and pushing our technologies as well as handling initial issue resolution.


Co-marketing opportunities and thought leadership engagements are additional potentials we can explore with partners as this level.